• Object id Buta854
  • City Alanya
  • Square 55 m2
42 500 $
  • Object id Buta852
  • City Alanya
  • Square 60 - 95 m2
72 500 - 90 000 $
  • Object id Buta810
  • City Alanya
  • Square 55 - 161 m2
89 000 - 195 000 $
  • Object id Buta786
  • City Alanya
  • Square 140 - 263 m2
150 000 - 240 000 $
  • Object id Buta785
  • City Alanya
  • Square 135 - 220 m2
199 000 $
  • Object id Buta783
  • City Alanya
  • Square 120 m2
79 500 $
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Why choose us?

Experienced team

«Buta Homes team» of specialists for more than 8 years in the industry real estate.

Large selection of real estate

We have an extensive and high-quality database of real estate throughout Turkey.

Legal support

We accompany transactions at all stages - from the registration of the contract to obtain the right of ownership.

Best prices

There are no hidden fees and overpayments, working with owners and developers, with whom you will meet personally.

Take our Free Inspection Tour!


We will meet you at the airport and organise a transfer for your way back


We will accommodate you for 5 days in a five-star "all inclusive" Hotel


We will provide a tour around the city


We will show you all of the real estate objects you are interested in


We will give advice on all legal issues and registration of transactions

New properties

  • Object id Buta866
  • City Alanya
  • Square 51.5 - 174 m2
57 000 - 150 000 $
  • Object id Buta859
  • City Alanya
  • Square 45 - 120 m2
58 500 - 130 000 $
  • Object id Buta862
  • City Alanya
  • Square 50 - 160 m2
60 000 - 180 000 $
  • Object id Buta856
  • City Alanya
  • Square 310 m2
525 000 - 550 000 $



Здравствуйте! Какой айдат по этой квартире. Уточните фото кухни (на сайте Хомесоверсайз фото отличаются). Спасибо.

Свердлов Александр

Выбирали больше года недвижимость на побережье Средиземного моря, пока не натолкнулись на ребят из Buta Homes. Достаточно высокий уровень сервиса, могут быстро решить юридические проблемы. Дом обошелся дешевле, чем мы думали, и сбылась мечта… в моем доме есть бассейн! Теперь можно забыть за дорогие полеты на отдых с семьей, а приезжать в собственное жилье и отдыхать в свое удовольствие.


Заболеваемость коронавирусом на курортах Турции сократилась в 10 раз

Заболеваемость коронавирусом на курортах Турции сократилась в 10 раз

За первое полугодие 2021 года россияне потратили на покупку недвижимости в Турции около 5 миллиардов рублей

За первое полугодие 2021 года россияне потратили на покупку недвижимости в Турции около 5 миллиардов рублей

Власти Турции ослабили меры против коронавируса

Власти Турции ослабили меры против коронавируса

Турция заняла 3-е место в мире по количеству пляжей, отмеченных "Голубым флагом"

Турция заняла 3-е место в мире по количеству пляжей, отмеченных "Голубым флагом"


Buta Homes real estate agency in Turkey - choose your dream home!

 Buta Homes Agency has been offering its services for sale and purchase of apartments, houses, villas for 8 years in Turkey. It is officially registered and licensed. We work  efficiently and try to find exactly what a  customer requests .

Web-Sites of real estate in Turkey are always in high demand. The whole world appreciates the mild climate of this region and its resort areas have been valued for ages. Among all the real estate agencies in Turkey, we are one of the leading agencies . We are really proud of our team of experienced employees who love what they do and perform it at the highest level. Our agency is well known in the wold of agencies in Turkey . Over the years we have concluded hundreds of successful transactions. 

We are constantly on a hunt for the most interesting offers. We offer some truly unique houses, apartments and villas. All of them have individual interior design and layout. It can become your dream home!

The web-site of Buta Homes has a user-friendly interface, reliable and complete information about all the proposed objects. It is constantly updated with new offers. Over the years  we have earned the trust of a large number of developers. Due to this, we invariably maintain leading positions in Turkey.  Our employees will be happy to help you find exactly what you need and want with any budget and requirements.


We understand how important it is to provide the quality service and an individual approach to each client, so Buta Homes offers you following services:

- A huge database of real estate objects ;
- Each transaction is accompanied legally;
- During the process of finding the right property, our employees implement an individual approach to each client;
- After-sale services  (signing contracts, cleaning services, repairs and reconstructions , renting out  long- term or short-term, insurance, car rental, etc);
- Consultations regarding Turkish real estate law;
- Legal support for all transactions.
- Since we are leaders among real estate agencies in our segment, we guarantee a fine selection of houses, villas and apartments. Your comfort and satisfaction is our main goal.  All wishes of clients are considered.
Such an acquisition has always been and remains a profitable way of investment. Experts respond quickly to all changes in the market so we are always ready to provide our customers with the most complete and up-to-date information on objects, to select what is suitable for the budget.


The company's office is located in the resort town of Alanya. This town is familiar to tourists from all over the world. The real estate portal in Turkey is available anywhere in the world. We sell properties in the most attractive tourist cities of Turkey: Alanya, Antalya, Istanbul, etc. We also offer apartments and houses in Cyprus.

If you want to buy property in Turkey, you can use the service "Study tour." It is absolutely free! We are proud that among our clients are residents of Europe, Russia and the post Soviet countries. Buta Homes will help you find an apartment, house etc. with the most hot deals . Contact us and you will get full information about choices on housing you have .

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